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Jun 23, 2011

Tone Control

   Tone Control with TDA1524A
This is a low noise and distortion pre-amplifier and tone control circuit in one module. Using a special IC TDA1524A, this simple circuit is easy to build and will

The stereo tone control circuit with IC, be the circuit diagram that use just IC number TDA1524A. It be pillar heart in the work which, be IC the integrated circuit diagram of Philip. It can use a part tone control or a part fines the sound bass, treble and balances get whole setly by can enlarge a signal gives the power can go up to arrive at 3 Vrms have 20 dB expansion rates and are guilty are crazy a little more 0.014% at 1 kHz frequency and that important. It be the circuit that build not difficult and a little equipment, Then suit old the education or be usable indoor or may apply outdoor work should get.
Work cycle It starts from the input power supply integrated into the 3 pin is the positive voltage and negative voltage to pin 8, which this circuit will have only R and C classes of devices to filter out frequencies in different area. A few can work then. When the signal from the sound source into the pin 15 of IC1, the INPUT signal is coupling through the C1 and C2 signals of each channel.
Left and the right, then the IC will amplify signals with C6 and C4 to control how often the Department Loudness which switch S1 is the option of the use of the region tone control or sector adjust bass Cape will have C5 and C3 act as frequency control with VR1-VR4 to adjust the Volume, Balance, Bass and Treble, respectively.
Then the signal was expanded and fine-tune frequency, and sends out the pin 8 and pin 11 of audio IC of each box will be R1 and R2 serve to decrease the signal appropriately
And signal coupling through C9 and C10, with R3 and R4 eliminate DC comes out of the ground out into the C11 and C12 will be made to eliminate the high frequencies from 70 kHz up to. To ground, and then sends the signal to the output signal and a voice came out crystal clear.
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